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      GeoXH handheld 6000 Series

      Decimeter accuracy, Trimble productivity, handheld convenience



      • Dual-frequency GNSS receiver and antenna with Everest™ multipath rejection technology and Floodlight technology
      • Sunlight readable 4.2" polarized screen
      • Optional integrated 3.5G cellular modem
      • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology
      • 5 megapixel autofocus camera
      • Windows Mobile® 6.5 (Professional edition)
      • Rugged and water-resistant design


      The Trimble® GeoExplorer® 6000 series takes GNSS productivity to a whole new level. Bringing together  the essential functionality for high-accuracy field work in one device, the GeoXH™ handheld delivers real-time decimeter (10 cm / 4 inch) accuracy positioning, high quality photo capture, and integrated Internet connectivity  options. Together with the latest field software enhancements and GNSS innovations including Trimble  Floodlight™ satellite shadow reduction technology the GeoXH handheld establishes a new standard for GNSS  system performance and handheld data capture.

      For utility companies, municipalities, environmental management agencies, and many other organizations,  timely accurate information is paramount to good decision making. The GeoXH handheld is the best high accuracy  hardware platform for any organization needing to map information at decimeter (10 cm / 4 inch) accuracy.

      220 channel GNSS receiver with real-time H-Star technology
      Decimeter accuracy and fast convergence

      Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction - more positions and increased accuracy in tough environments

      Smart Settings - set and forget GNSS configuration for better results in all conditions

      4.2" polarized display  - crystal clear text, photos, and maps even in direct sunlight

      Integrated 5 mega-pixel auto-focus camera - capture high quality photos and link directly to features

      Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional 3.5G cellular modem - work online, anywhere, cable-free

      Lightning-fast processing power and expandable storage - work with large, complex datasets without compromising performance

      Field swappable battery 10 hours operation on a single charge and swap-and-go battery replacement in the field

      Windows Mobile 6.5 A proven mobile platform with the latest features and functionality

      Designed for workReliable rugged design.

      Certified Training:
      At GeoPlane Services, we round out our comprehensive sales and service programs with in-depth, certified training programs for our products and services. We place a heavy emphasis on education to ensure you get the most out of your state-of-the-art hardware and software packages.

      GeoPlane repairs a full line of equipment from Trimble Navigation, Ltd., the undisputed industry leader in innovative satellite surveying and mapping technology.