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      Trimble tsc3

      Streamline the  flow of everyday surveying work with the fully integrated TSC3  controller.

      Trimble TSC3

      The Trimble® TSC3™ Controller is an advanced handheld field computer. Increase your surveying and business potential with:


        • Optimized for Trimble Access field software
        • Fully-integrated Camera, Compass, and communications
        • QWERTY or ABCD alphanumeric keypad
        • Internal GPS makes photo-geotagging easy
        • Large and high resolution LCD touchscreen display improves readability
        • Improved collaboration and control through constant connectivity


      Streamline the flow of everyday surveying work make field work more efficient with the fully integrated TSC3 controller.

      Fully-integrated camera

      Make pictures an essential part of your workflow

      • 5MP Autofocus camera and LED flash
      • Take digital photographs of your job site right from the control
      • Record qualitative information, such as site conditions or work progress

      Real-Time Communications

      • Wireless internet connectivity with integrated GSM/GPRS modem
      • Trimble AccessSync enables real-time synchronization between field and office
      • Download and upload files anytime, anywhere
      • Connect with VRS connections using the internal modem

      Purpose- Built Design

      • Large, bright high resolution LCD touchscreen
      • Choose from a QWERTY or conventional alpha-number keyboard
      • Automatically geo-tag captured images
      • Navigate and find control points and other assets quickly with integrated GPS
      • Receive direction cues with the internal compass
      • Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates cables

      Trimble Access Optimized

      Trimble Access field software available on the TSC3 controller offers  numerous features and capabilities to streamline the flow of everyday  surveying work.

      Certified Training:
      At GeoPlane Services, we round out our comprehensive sales and service programs with in-depth, certified training programs for our products and services. We place a heavy emphasis on education to ensure you get the most out of your state-of-the-art hardware and software packages.

      GeoPlane repairs a full line of equipment from Trimble Navigation, Ltd., the undisputed industry leader in innovative satellite surveying and mapping technology.